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This client already had an established website, however, for its new product range, it wanted a landing page that really showed off the capabilities and features of its new products more than what a standard product page could do.

We were given the task to design a small website that showed off the features of its new scooter range to spark interest and hype.


We moulded the website around the new products choosing black and red for the main colours and going for a dark theme to really blend in with the products and give a consistent experience throughout.

We also added a cart system to order the scooters and a supplier map so that those interested in reselling could get in touch with our client or the appropriate distributors.

  • Website Redesign
  • Integrated Shop


“Affordable and Highly reliable services.

Very technical and helpful throughout the process from start to finish.

We’re happy with our website and feel it represents our brand and products well, thank you!”

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