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Therapy for New Parents


The client came to us after their website was set up using Shopify by their previous developer.

Since the website was a simple brochure site with a contact form, there were too many unnecessary expenses using Shopify which is more focused on providing an e-commerce solution.

The client had a small budget but wanted to move away from Shopify to a more reasonable solution.


We delivered the website in a few days and provided the client with the support they needed.

We focused on keeping the same functionality as Shopify had to allow the client to make changes without a developer.

With this in mind, we set up a small simple brochure website, showing that we can deliver to smaller budgets.

  • Delivered on Low Budget
  • Simple Brochure Website


“I am impressed with their work!

I had a low budget but needed to get off Shopify as it was too expensive.

Pagecode gave me a simple brochure site with low costs. This is exactly what I needed!”

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