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Neil Reeves

A Personal Portfolio


Having gone through a variety of different freelancers and having some bad experiences, Neil came to us to fix the inconsistencies on his website.

Unfortunately, there were so many it would have ended up costing him a fortune to resolve as the website wasn’t responsive, didn’t have consistent spacing and the font sizes were all over the place!

We advised Neil to get a redesign to revamp his website, giving it a consistent feel and a modern touch to best prevent himself.


Having been through multiple freelancers, the budget was quite low understandably.

However, we wanted to help Neil with his website regardless, so that he didn’t have to worry about it getting all the inconsistencies fixed which normally leads you in a downward spiral of sunk cost fallacy.

We gave the website a new look, with a modern touch and a responsive design, exactly what Neil needed!

  • Redesign
  • Modern Look
  • Responsive Pages


“I chose Pagecode due to others not completing the work asked and left me with lots of issues with the new website.

I cannot stress enough how helpful Pagecode has been, they are so helpful and carried their work very timely and created a lovely new website.

I wish I had found them sooner as I would have avoided the poor standard of work from the previous.”

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